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Vito Curatolo Arini Marsala Superiore Dry Riserva 750ML
Sku: 02005
Product Rating
Product Information
Country: Italy
Region: Sicily
Sub-Region: Marsala
Grape Varietal: Non-Varietal White Blend
Type: Still wine, Fortified
Reg. $19.99
20% off - You pay $15.99
Buy Vito Curatolo Arini Marsala Superiore  Dry Riserva
APPEARANCE Intense gold with shades of Amber NOSE Note oftoasted almond, cloves and cinnamon. PALATE Smooth full velvety body of dried fruit with a long lasting elegant spicy finish

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Wine maker notes
STYLE Our selected blend of grapes, Grillo, Catarratto, and Inzolia has been the family’s well preserved secret for years. Bright gold coloured wine with intense amber hints and a complex smell of dates, apricot syrup and spice. The warm and velvety taste evokes memories bringing us on an imaginary trip to the ancient “Lilybeus”. VINEYARD Our vineyards are located in the coastal region of Marsala where grapes have a higher propensity to natural oxidation and higher natural sugar level, which gives elegance and richness to our wine WINEMAKING The process requires soft pressing and slow fermentation at a controlled temperature of 20 -25 °C. To the base wine, which is pale yellow in colour, is added table wine, mistella (fresh grape must with alcohol) and mosto cotto. This complex mixture together with the final alcohol content and the desired sugar level, gives us the traditional “Marsala” flavour.

Food pairing
One of the best matches is with soft cheese or as an aperitif. Excellent wine even for drinking after meals recommended with fine pastries. Special match is made by our traditional “marzipan fruit”. . Suggested to serve in a medium tulip glass at a slightly cool temperature of 15°C

It begins in 1875. Garibaldi had conquered Sicilia in 1860 and the Kingdom of Naples followed. Italy was unified. A young Vito Curatolo Arini decided to build a winery at the centre of his vineyards at Marsala. Arini was Vito’s mother’s family name. It was not uncommon then to take both one’s father and mother’s surnames. Vito used Arini to distinguish himself amongst others with the Curatolo name because he had a dream. He would take his own premium Marsala to the world. Vito was an innovator with modern sensibilities. And he had grand plans. He wanted to focus on producing quality wines and developing new, overseas markets. And he was prepared to do things differently. Vito commissioned Ernesto Basile, a well-known architect from Palermo, to design the label for his first Marsala. Basile was father of the Sicilian ‘Liberty style’ or Art Nouveau. This label is still currently used and is admired throughout the world for its originality and elegance. With a talent for the business, hard work and tenacity, he managed very quickly to turn the winery into a very successful exporter of Marsala. Curatolo Arini was one of the very first to export to the USA, South America and Europe, competing with the greatest Marsala exporters at the time. The many awards Vito received for his efforts are testimony to both his entrepreneurial skills and the quality of the Curatolo Arini product. Each generation has added a new chapter to the Curatolo Arini story by continuing this proud tradition of winemaking. We are the oldest family owned Marsala producer in Sicilia. For more than 135 years our family’s enthusiasm, passion and commitment to making fine wines have never lessened.In the late 1970s, the Curatolo Family made the decision to add a range of still wines, made only from local Sicilian grape varieties, which express the unique character and flavours of the Sicilian terroir. As a company we pride ourselves on carrying on Vito’s legacy and always looking forward. At Vito’s death in 1896, running of the winery passed to his sons Francesco, Vito, Leonardo and Giuseppe, to continue to realize his dream. Later, Antonio had an important role in the development of the company, giving an added value to our products thanks to his chemical skills and savoir faire. Today, Vito’s grandson Roberto, and great-grandson Sergio, manage the winery, recently joined by Roberto’s son Riccardo and Sergio’s daughter, Victoria.